Montmartre Cemetery

An Afternoon in Paris – Photo Essay 2

What else did we do during that cloudy March day in Paris? Well, I did do something new in the Notre Dame de Paris: a visit to the Treasury, which contains a collection of precious and holy objects. Very interesting, and if I am not mistaken you need to pay an extra €3,- to get in.

The second place in Paris that Lars and I visited that day is the Montmartre Cemetery (18th arrondissement of Paris), which dates from the 18th century. Although it is lesser known than Père Lachaise, there are numerous people from the arts that are buried here. Most of them used to live in the area.

The entrance of the cemetery and part of the graves are located under a bridge. All the other graves are more or less on the same level as that bridge, on which there is a lot of traffic. Quite unusual, if you ask me…

Various details – some colourful, others heartbreaking – soon caught my eye.

Although we did not have a full day in Paris and we had to change our initial plans, we did have a lovely day there! And we can’t wait to go back!

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