Photo Essay – Moniga del Garda, Salò and Lazise

First of all, I need to correct something. The castle I talked about in this post, is actually located in Padenghe sul Garda and not in Desenzano del Garda. My excuses for this mistake.

Anyway, early in the afternoon, we found ourselves at the shore of the Garda Lake. Lars and I had a short stop in one of the smaller places, in Moniga del Garda. The promenade was empty, probably because most people were having lunch.

Our next stop was in Salò. Between 1943 and 1945, this town was the capital of Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic; and yes, this is the same place where Salò by Pier Paolo Pasolini takes place. Nowadays, this town is known for its long promenade along the shore of the lake.

Lazise was the last place that Lars and I visited at the Garda Lake. Actually, it was only me who went for a walk and took pictures. The centre is free of traffic and Lars had to stay behind in the car, which was illegally parked. I did take my time though to walk in the cozy streets, filled with restaurants and shops. And I really wanted to reach the shore of the Garda Lake again.

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