A Place To Get Married – Casa Cu Tei

There are hotels and then there are hotels where you feel at home. Casa Cu Tei in Sarata-Monteoru (Romania) belongs to the last category.

Located on a steep hill, with spectacular views on a valley and the surrounding orchards, it offers the following facilities:

  • 28 rooms with bathroom and cable TV;
  • indoor and outdoor dining;
  • free Internet;
  • children’s playground, big patio and terrace;
  • gym, sauna;
  • facilities for meetings, weddings, parties, …

With cities like for example Brasov and Buzau in the neighbourhood, there are enough excursions and day-trips to keep you busy. The menu in the restaurant offers local specialties.

Here are some pictures we took last year. Isn’t this a charming place?

Now, time for the big news. Lars and I are very happy to announce to all of you that we are going to get married in this place! After an engagement of about 5 years, we decided that it was time to tie the knot. And if you want to know why we chose this place and are curious about other details of this happy event, I have created a website, Our Wedding in Romania. Subscribe and you will receive an email every time we publish something about our wedding.

And one last thing: if do you come to this hotel, you will lose your heart to Oscar and Sara. Especially at mealtimes they will you keep you company.

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