Tasting Tuscan Wine – Part 2

Another 2 Tuscan vineyards worth mentioning:

Azienda Agricolo San Michele

Unfortunately, we cannot find the address of this winery, but we remember that it was not far from San Vincenzo.

Not an inviting tasting area (it was very cold), but beautiful red wines and a grappa to die for! A big white dog keeps you company while you taste, choose and buy…

Winery of Bulichella 

Loc. Bulichella, 57028 Suvereto

Suvereto was the small town where we stayed for a week. Just outside the center is this beautiful winery, where a lady in perfect English guides you through their wines. Be sure to taste their white one, it is extraordinary! Afterwards, go for a stroll in their winery.

Our verdict? Outstanding service and produce! Highly recommended!

Needless to say that most of the wines we had bought did not leave Italy… Anyway, this is our last post about Tuscany, but not about Italy. Stay tuned for more beautiful pictures.

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