Tuscan Gems – San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo is a seaside town, to the south of Livorno.

First of all, you can find a very good tourist information office right next to the railway station, which provides you with everything you want to know about this part of Tuscany. The woman who runs the office, is very helpful and is fluent in English.

Most of the interesting historical sites are outside of San Vincenzo, which attracts tourists because of its beaches. There is a beautiful watchtower from the 14th century though, overlooking a pretty marina.

Opposite the watchtower, Lars and I made a tasty discovery: a small shop specialized in mozzarella. That is, the real mozzarella, made with real buffalo milk. Since I am allergic to lactose, I couldn’t wait to taste some of it. And so we did; and of course we had bread and a nice glass of red wine to go with it. You can’t imagine what it feels like to be able to eat cheese and not being ill afterwards!

A real foodie paradise! All in all, San Vincenzo is a cozy town, combining elegant pedestrian zones – with shops and restaurants – with some rustic Tuscan style.

Finally, outside the town, Lars and I went out of the car, to sniff some sea air.

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