An Afternoon in Blankenberge

So 1 September has arrived; kids and teenagers are back at school and the summer days seem to be over. The sun has disappeared and rain and wind are back again. Looks like autumn has an early start; that’s why last Sunday – when the weather was still sunny and hot – Lars and I decided to go to the sea and have some fun.

We chose Blankenberge as our destination:

[wc_googlemap title=”Blankenberge, Belgium” location=”Blankenberge, Belgium” zoom=”10″ height=”250″ title_on_load=”no” class=””]

It is one of the biggest coastal resorts in Belgium, with lots of apartments, hotels, restaurants, pubs and shops. Most people come here for a walk on the big boulevard or for a swim, although the water can be cold and there is a strong current. That’s why it is better to swim in the designated areas.

Lars and I parked our car not far from the pier – a popular destination – and walked to the beach. Near the dunes there tend to be less tourists. Another less crowded area is near the marina.

Once we had found our spot on the beach, we observed the people around us – an activity we both like – and then decided to have a lot of fun in the shorebreak!

Late in the afternoon, we left again, because the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms. In the meantime, a flower parade had started. It’s a yearly event that concludes the touristic season. We didn’t see the whole parade, mainly because it was too crowded and too noisy, although we have to admit that it looked beautiful as well.

We made a video of our fun afternoon! It’s mainly Lars and me having silly fun in the sea; you will also see three men in their twenties having as much fun with their blue boat! By the way, the video stops quite abruptly, because the battery had run out…


  • Nand Kishor September 6, 2015 at 9:58 am

    i feel like i am there …thanks..

    • Ingrid D. September 13, 2015 at 1:08 pm

      That’s the advantage of an action cam 🙂


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