What to See in and around Svendborg – Part 1

Svendborg is the biggest town in the south of Funen and although it lacks the charm of its smaller neighbor, Faaborg, it does have a lot to offer, whether you are looking for art, history or beautiful landscapes.

SAK Kunstbygning

Lars and I always stuck to the harbor of Svendborg, thus ignoring the gems of the town. Anyway, if you are interested in contemporary art, this art house is the place to be. Furthermore, they have a beautiful collection of Kai Nielsen’s work, a sculptor who was born in this town and whose work is scattered all over Svendborg. Nielsen (1882 – 1924) was influenced by the works of Rodin and Constantin Meunier.

The old town

This part of Svendborg is very close to the harbor. It’s not as beautiful or colorful as the historical center of Faaborg, but this is certainly a cozy place with pubs, restaurants and all kinds of shops.

And you will also stumble upon the St. Nicholas church:

You can read more about Svendborg later this week!

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