A Short Exploration of The Wolfsschlucht I

The word Wolfsschlucht (Wolf’s Gorge) refers to two military headquarters of Hitler. The first one is situated in Brûly-de-Pesche, the other one in Margival in France. Lars and I visited the first one. You can find Brûly-de-Pesche in the Belgian Ardennes.

Brûly-de-Pesche was – and still is – a small village, not far from the French border. Adolf Hitler used this place as a military headquarter only for a short time, between 6 – 24 June 1940. The villagers had to leave their homes during his stay.

What you can see nowadays, is a replica of a bunker, two exhibition spaces and a replica of a “cabane” where the resistance used to hide. When Lars and I visited Wolfsschlucht I, the exhibitions spaces were being renovated, but we could have a look inside the bunker.

The bunker complex is located not far from the church. Right next to it, you will find signs of hiking trails. Follow them and you end up automatically at what the local people call “l’abri de Hitler”.

The replica of the “cabane” is also worth a visit.

By the way, is it a coincidence that some of Hitler’s military headquarters have the word “wolf” in them, like Wolfsschlucht I and II and Wolfsschanze? No, it was Hitler’s favorite nickname!

Lars also made a short video of our visit:


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