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Ethiopia in Brussels – Azeb Café

You either hate it or love it: Brussels is a multicultural city. Part of the European Parliament is located here, but lots of other nationalities call the Belgian capital their home as well. We live in an area where there are lots of restaurants and pubs. Just around the corner is a sushi bar and an Ethiopian restaurant, Azeb Café.…

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Hortobagy National Park – Part 2

High on our wishlist was the visit to the Stud of Mata, the Horse Breeding Centre. Yes, this is the place where you can admire the famous horses of the puszta. Lots of activities going on here: you can visit the stables, join a horse-drawn carriage drive or see a spectacular show where the horses perform all kinds of tricks.…

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Hortobagy National Park – Part 1

The Hungarian puszta… I had heard about it and Ingrid had seen it in movies. It was about time to see it in reality. After our stay in Poland, we drove to the city of Debrecen. Quite a beautiful, cozy place, not far from the National Park… If you are a follower of this website, you know that we both…

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The Przemyskie Foothills and the Sanocko-Turczanskie Mountains

First of all, a happy 2015 for all our readers! Ingrid and I are ready for new trips, new experiences and new memories! The area mentioned in the title of this post is located near the town of Przemysl. It’s a vast area, which has to offer a bit of everything: nature, history, culture and architecture. Located not far from…

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How We Spent The Last Day of 2014

Things don’t always go as planned… Yesterday, Ingrid and I wanted to visit villages around Leipzig that are somehow connected to Bach, one of our favorite composers. We were sure that the tourist information offices could help us. We were so sure that we didn’t have a backup plan. But no… And guess what? When you want to find a…

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