Falling in Love with Warsaw…

… wasn’t easy. Vilnius, Riga and especially Tallinn had been small, compact and cozy. Now, we found ourselves in an enormous city with 1.7 million inhabitants and with motorways everywhere. Quite a difference!

With all the roadworks going on, our GPS soon became disorientated and it took her 17 detours before we finally arrived in our hotel, a huge concrete block, that seemed to have run away from the Communist times. Luckily, they served us some great food:

The next day, Ingrid and I decided to explore the Old Town of Warsaw. Just a matter of finding a place to park the car.

The Old Marketplace was almost completely destroyed during World War II. In that time, the Germans bombarded 80% of all the buildings of the Polish capital. When peace had come back, the inhabitants of Warsaw decided to give the marketplace its prewar appearance again. In other words, it looks old, but it isn’t.

Yes, it looks beautiful. But it also looks fake to us and it’s way too touristy. Luckily, the young man from the local tourist information office could help us. He knew exactly what we were looking for…

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