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Kaks Kokka means “two chefs” in Estonian and is the name of one of the best restaurants we have ever visited in our lives. The restaurant shares the same kitchen of its bigger (and more expensive) brother, Ö. Ingrid and I were so happy with the food and the service that we ate here twice in three days. The waiters know the menu in detail and have a very good knowledge of English.

The first day Ingrid chose roasted lamb rump, whereas I went for the cooked sous vide pork chop. To be honest, I was a bit surprised by my beloved’s choice, since she usually orders fish. We both chose a dark ale for our meal and were in heaven. For dessert, Ingrid had the best chocolate experience of her life, whereas I ordered pavlova. We drank apple wine, perfectly chilled and not too sweet.

Our second visit was even better than the first! This time, Ingrid ordered a rösti with a 100 minute egg. Not sure, how they prepared the egg, but it had a very special texture and an exquisite taste. I chose elk boeuf from Saaremaa island; I was a bit hesitant to eat it, because it just looked to beautiful. This is without any doubt one of the best dished I have ever eaten! Ingrid went for the same dessert, whereas I tried the strawberry “smash”. Let the pictures speak for themselves again!

Ingrid also took some pictures of the menu itself:

What is the philosophy of Kaks Kokka? According to their website,

It is not possible to define the character of Kaks Kokka by certain borderlines or compass – the basis for all this is good and fresh ingredients (raw material), mostly from Estonia. At Kaks Kokka we move boundaries and feel the heights.

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