A Photographic Walk in Tallinn – Part 2

After our morning walk, Ingrid and I had become hungry. We decided to drive around until we found a nice place to eat.

Tallinn has more or less 450.000 inhabitants, making it a lot smaller than for example Brussels. It is more relaxing to drive around and the city seems to be more compact and cozy.

Anyway, we finally ended up in a nice restaurant called Gulfstream.

After our tasty meal, we visited the west of Tallinn, which is known for its colored, wooden houses.

We liked this part of town very much; there were less tourists around and the houses were indeed very charming. Our last stop was at the marina, also a charming place, but a lot more crowded.

In our next posts, we show you a completely different side of Estonia: the gastronomical one!

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  • gpcox November 28, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Here’s to looking forward to an outstanding Holiday Season! >-I


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