A Cemetery Walk

Same cemeteries as last time, but without the “Halloween editing”. And a bit more background information.

Cemetery of Brussels

This is the biggest and most important cemetery of the region of Brussels. What we liked most, is that it is located in a park. A part of this cemetery is a military cemetery. Our visit was shorter than we had planned because of a huge thunderstorm.

Cemetery of Laeken

Easy to find; this one is right next to the Church of Our Lady of Laeken, which dates from the 19th century and was built in neo-Gothic style. The cemetery itself is known for its beautiful sculptures.

Cemetery of Sint-Gillis

The two previous cemeteries are still in use, this one isn’t. You can still visit it, but be prepared to do some climbing. This cemetery is on a hill, with a magnificent view of Brussels.


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    • larsj November 6, 2014 at 11:10 pm

      The cemeteries or the pictures? 🙂


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