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Highlights of the Masurian Lakes – Part 1

The Masurian Lakes is a district in the northeast of Poland, containing more than 2000 interconnected lakes. It is a very popular area, not only because of its natural beauty, but also because of the many cultural, historical and religious places and buildings. The Wolf’s Lair is only one of them; take your time to explore this area. This is our selection of highlights.

Swieta Lipka

There are churches and then there are churches; the Sanctuary of St. Mary belongs to the latter category. It is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Poland.

These are pictures of the outside:

The interior is simply magnificent. The decoration is rich and colorful – what a contrast with the Danish churches!

Ingrid would have taken more pictures, but there was a church service going on.


The bigger lake, the bigger the touristic resort. Like Mikolakji for example:

Shops, pubs, hotels, restaurants, …; Mikolakji has everything a tourist wants.

Puszcza Borecka

230 square kilometers of forest…

Meet the European bison, which had almost become extinct in the northeast of Poland. During 2 centuries, they had all disappeared in this area, but thanks to the breeding program of the Wolisko Park, they are back for good. The animals avoid contact with humans, but there is a pen where you can observe them.


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