The City Of Extremes

After our lovely two days in Croatia, it was time to go back home, slowly… First stop on the way to Brussels was Nürnberg.

For me, this is a city of extremes. On the one hand, this is where Hitler had some of his most popular and fiercest Nazi party rallies. On the other hand, after World War II, this was also the place where lots of German officials had to undergo the Nürnberg Trials.

Since Lars and I are both interested in history, we wanted to see if there were still traces of both historical events. But that was not as easy as we hoped it would be. A huge Volksfest (local party) was taking place and prevented us from visiting or even photographing the places where the aforementioned events took place.

We were unmotivated and tired (probably also because of the long drive from Croatia)… Maybe, just maybe, on an early Sunday morning, the party would start later. No such luck… Even in the center of town, we could hardly get rid of our car and we just had about 5 minutes to photograph some of the most important monuments and buildings, such as the Beautiful Fountain (originally built in the 14th century) and the St. Sebald’s church. On top of it all, some of them were being renovated.

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  • unclerave June 5, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Beautiful city and beautiful pics! There seems to be a problem with your site though. It jumps around every few seconds, making it very difficult to read. Even as I’m typing this comment it is jumping. You don’t want to drive away your readers with frustration, so you need to fix this. — YUR


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