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Brussels Christmas Market – B&W

Can’t get enough of the Christmas atmosphere? Well, neither can we! Lars and I have just had a late breakfast and later today we’ll have a delicious Christmas lunch. With leftover turkey and some other good stuff. I have finally edited the pictures of our visit to the Brussels Christmas market. Here is a first selection in black and white.

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The Other Antwerp – The Skyline

We ended our weekend in Antwerp in beauty… There we were, the four of us: Leen, Veerle, Lars and I. Standing at the left river bank, looking at the skyline. The end of the afternoon was there; the sun was starting to set. Simply magical… Lars and I want to thank Leen and Veerle for showing us the hidden beauty…

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The Other Antwerp – To The Left River Bank

The end of the afternoon was approaching. It was time to go back to Antwerp. This time we all went to the left river bank, to an area known as Saint Anna’s Beach. The name of Saint Anna refers to the old village that was located here. It had to make way first for holiday homes and later for huge…

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Christmas In A German Wine Cellar

Yesterday, we spent a day in Germany. That’s the beauty of living in a small country in the middle of Europe; you jump in your car and 2 hours later, you are in another country. We wanted to see some Christmas markets along our favorite river, the Moselle. In short, nothing much was happening in the small villages and in…

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The Other Antwerp – The Village That Resists

As I have mentioned before, some villages had to make way for the expansion of the harbor of Antwerp. As you can imagine, not everybody was willing to move. And the village that resisted – and still resists – the most, is Doel. Every Belgian knows about Doel. We all know and remember the images on television of people protesting…

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The Other Antwerp – The River (2)

Our next stop was Fort Liefkenshoek. Right opposite to Lillo-Fort, on the other side of the river Scheldt, you have Fort Liefkenshoek, which was built at the end of the 16th century. It played a significant role in many wars and conflicts and is nowadays a protected monument. And there is a museum as well, which is devoted to the…

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