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Nyborg Harbor

Lars’s mother lives very close to the harbor of Nyborg, so we often go there for a walk. This is not exactly an industrial harbor; most of the boats are yachts and pleasure boats in all shapes and sizes. It’s just a pity that this whole area is being invaded by expensive apartments. Every time Lars and I come here…

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Nyborg Fjord

This is without any doubt my favorite place in Nyborg. In February I was simply freezing when I took my pictures here. Three months later the weather conditions had greatly improved and I could take my time. And I wasn’t trembling! I like the tranquility of this place: the small boats, the absence of waves, the birds, the intense blue…

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A Transformation

Lundeborg is a small town that Lars and I discovered about a year ago. In winter the place was abandoned and covered with snow. Nothing much was going on and there was almost nobody to be seen. In spring Lundeborg looked completely different: there were lots of boats in the harbor, people were sunbathing on the beach, children were running…

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Svanninge Bakker in Spring

Svanninge Bakker is an area on Funen that Lars and I discovered earlier this year. Some of the hills are more than 100 meters high, which is quite extraordinary in a flat country such as Denmark. Svanninge Bakker is a big area, with numerous places where you can admire the views and have something to eat and drink. Back in…

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Flensburg at Sunrise

The first time we went to Flensburg, Lars described it as a “cosy, small town where we could find some cheap alcohol”. In my imagination I saw cobbled streets, wooden houses, flowers everywhere, cosy pubs with people sitting outside, … So, I was a bit surprised when we found ourselves in a huge city, where we almost ended up with…

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A Model City

Our last destination during our trip in and around Berlin was Eisenhüttenstadt. You won’t find any historical monuments here, since this city was founded in 1950. The first thing that was constructed was a steel mill and then a whole residential area for the workers. Eisenhüttenstadt was supposed to be a socialist model city. Most of the architecture was initially influenced…

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