Between Donau and Balaton – Once upon a time …

… there were about 200.000 buffalo in Hungary. Now less than one thousand remain.

On Wednesday, Lars and I visited the Buffalo Reserve of Kápolnapuszta, which is located near Balatonmagyaród:

The Reserve is located just outside the village; big road-signs guide you towards it. The entrance fee is about 650 HUF.  But why is this reserve so important? According to their website,

The exhibition site plays an important role in the survival and the conservation of genome of the indigenous buffalo in Hungary, and it is the popular display center of the species since the tameness of the livestock makes direct connection possible with the visitors. The visitors become acquainted with the gentle, pitch dark animals on the path supplied with picnic area, information boards and lookout tower, and at the exhibition on buffalo history. An interactive exhibition displays the flora and the fauna of Kis-Balaton, part of the Balaton Uplands National Park. A car park, a snack-bar and a souvenir shop await the visitors from spring till autumn.

In 1992 the reserve started with only 16 animals; now there are about 180. And although the exhibition was quite interesting, we couldn’t wait to see them!

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