A different Denmark – Walking hand in hand in the snow

A couple of weeks ago I read a very surprising newspaper article. Apparently, we Belgians don’t like to show our affection to our beloved in public. And we don’t like it either when we see other people showing their affection to each other in public. We are talking about very basic stuff like walking hand in hand, a kiss on the lips, a kiss on the cheeks, hugging each other, and so on.

Huh?!? Are we Belgians so prudish? I think it’s cute when I see a couple – young or old – walking hand in hand or giving each other a kiss. And I certainly don’t mind walking hand in hand with Lars. Or hugging or kissing him in public!

Around Nyborg Slot there is a moat and since it was such a beautiful day, Lars and I had a walk there. Walking hand in hand in the snow. And the Danish people didn’t seem to mind…

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