A different Denmark – Seeing friends again… – Part 2

Yesterday you could read my point of view of seeing the Wild Horses of Langeland again, today it’s Ingrid’s turn.

It is freezing when I get out of the car. There is a very cold wind, as sharp as a razor. Contrary to Lars, I am warmly dressed, but I have taken my gloves off, since I can’t take any pictures when I have got them on. After one minute my fingers are starting to look red. Have I ever mentioned that I actually get cold very easily? That my colleagues complain that our office resembles a sauna?

I have to climb some hills before I can get closer to the horses. They are not very steep, but I don’t make a lot of progress, since there are patches of snow and ice everywhere. And horseshit… It is so slippery and after the first hill my black shoes look brown. But I am determined to see the Wild Horses again and to get some good shots.

On the second hill I can see the first horse, standing about 50 meters away from me, with its behind turned towards me. Isn’t that great? Suppose this is the only animal I get to see today? And suppose this is the only picture I could make today: a picture of a horse’s behind? Wouldn’t that look  great on the blog? I look around. I can see some farms in the neighborhood and behind me there is Lars in the car, probably listening to some music.

I continue my walk. When I have crossed the third hill, I can finally see them! 25 Wild Horses! I am so happy and thrilled that I don’t know where to photograph first. When I move a bit forward I can see 3 more horses behind me a on a steep hill, which I hadn’t noticed before. I am almost completely surrounded by the group now. My right hand is shaking, not only because I am cold, but also because I am so excited. And who wouldn’t be with these beautiful creatures in this rough landscape and the sun finally coming through the clouds, setting the sky ablaze.

I know that these are not lions or tigers, but they are wild and can become aggressive. Sometimes the circumstances are not perfect (the cold, the dirt), but the moment itself is. And this is such a moment. I am surrounded by pure beauty. I know now that Lars and I will never stay in luxury hotels, that we will never dine in the finest restaurants or go to fancy parties, wearing the latest fashion. But I am willing to give up a lot of things for this kind of experience. These horses. This landscape. This sunset. This moment.

I spend half an hour with the horses. Just standing there, sometimes carefully moving around and taking lots of pictures. I am overjoyed when I see Lars again, but slightly surprised when he tells me he was so worried. I had no idea that I had been away for such a long time and I am of course slightly startled when he talks to me about all the safety measures. But it doesn’t sink in yet. More than a month later I have read the brochure, but all I can think of is the beauty of these horses …


  • gpcox March 22, 2013 at 11:53 am

    You have such a wonderful life.

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