A different Denmark – Stretching our legs

Since we had spent the whole of Tuesday on the road, Lars and I thought it would be a good idea the day afterwards to stretch our legs a bit. So off we went to the center of Nyborg. Until then, we had always been at the harbor and the beach. You have seen numerous pictures of these places in different seasons, moments of the day, b&w and color. So now it was time to concentrate on the center of town. A place we had neglected for almost three years!

I was very pleasantly surprised! The history of Nyborg goes back to the 12th century and the center of town is filled with old, colorful, (half – ) timbered houses. You can find some of them around the church and others around Nyborg Slot (which we will discuss tomorrow). The contrast between the vivid colors of the buildings and the snow was simply picturesque.

One thing is sure: we have to come back here in spring or summer!


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