Daily Archives : January 30, 2013

Our first trip of 2013 – Having lunch in Westkapelle

The second weekend of January 2013 started with cold but sunny weather. Excellent conditions to go for a walk and Lars and I chose to explore the region of Vlissingen in the Netherlands. I have the feeling that we are a bit cursed. When we started with our Ypres Salient Car Route, there were roadworks in Ypres; we had the…

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Last Trip of 2012 – The Aquatic Maginot Line

At the end of our drive we stumbled upon a sign which said “Maginot Aquatic Line”. I think the correct translation should be “Aquatic Maginot Line”. But what exactly is it? According to the text on the sign, The Maginot aquatic Line in the sector Hoste to Sarralbe was built to establish a natural barrier against the advancing German forces…

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