Daily Archives : January 29, 2013

Last Trip of 2012 – Stumbling on the Maginot Line

After dinner Lars and I decided to go for a drive and went to the southeast of Metz. We had no particular destination in mind and hoped that we could see and photograph something interesting. If you have been following us for some time, you know by now that we usually do find something interesting. And this time was no…

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Last Trip of 2012 – Dinner on the moon

After our exhausting visit to the Golden Courtyard Museums, it was time to eat. Until now Lars and I had done some self-catering, but now we were in the mood to go to a restaurant. We chose “La Lune” (The Moon), which is situated at 1 place de la Cathédrale in Metz. When you enter the establishment, you are actually…

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