Daily Archives : January 9, 2013

Monuments of another war

Whenever Lars and I see a war monument, we are quick to think that it probably refers to World War I. Or World War II. Or even both. Not so far from Gravelotte however we saw something else. In a couple of fields, we saw 3 monuments referring to the same war: the Franco – Prussian of 1870 – 1871.…

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Last Trip of 2012 – Inside Metz Cathedral

It already looked so beautiful at the outside, but as soon as Lars and I were inside the cathedral, we were simply blown away by its grandeur. This is what Wikipedia has to say about it: Saint-Stephen Cathedral is a Rayonnant Gothic edifice built with the local yellow Jaumont limestone. Like in French Gothic architecture, the building is compact, with slight projection of the transepts…

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