Daily Archives : January 3, 2013

Going back via the German Moselle – Bruttig-Fankel

How could we stay away from our favorite village? This is also a very old place, according to Wikipedia: The oldest evidence of settlers in the area is the very well preserved barrows on the Bruttig-Fankeler Berg (the local mountain) along the so-called Rennweg, an old linking road between the Roman long-distance roads, over which today runs the “Archaeological Hiking Trail” (Archäologischer Wanderweg). According…

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Going back via the German Moselle – Roman graves

After having spent one day in the Eifel, Lars and I had a choice. We could go on exploring the Eifel the next day or go to our favorite region in Germany: the Moselle. We couldn’t resist the temptation and went back to our beloved river. Our first stop was at Nehren. This is a very old village. According to…

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