Our Adaptable Adventure – Gorgeous geese

During our last week of Our Adaptable Adventure, we also visited a goose farm in Tursac:


Since 1983 “des Granges” rears geese and prepares various products. On their website, they explain how they work:

The goslings are bought when they are 1 day old from the hatchery of Braulen at Calviac (5km from Sarlat). They are reared free range on 7 hectares of pathways and meadows until the age of 4 months. Their food is made up of cereals and grass. The fist two months of their lives requires a lot of attention as they don’t like the cold, the rain or extreme heat. (…) The fattening process lasts an average of 25 days, during which they are fed only corn. The corn must be of a very high quality and that’s why we grow and dry the corn on our farm. The calorific value of corn is important, it is the only foodstuff which permits the progressive fattening of the goose to the point of obtaining the famous foie gras. The geese are force-fed 4 times per day. From the 17th day of force-feeding, the geese are checked for the size of their liver and to determine the exact date of their slaughter. We force-feed from September to June.

Afterwards the geese are slaughtered on the farm and their meat is prepared according to traditional recipes. You can buy various products like foie gras, confit and cassoulet. We chose a confit of goose legs.

The shop is situated on one side of the road and the farm on the other. It’s right in the center of Tursac, you can’t miss it. You can visit both the farm and the shop during the whole year. And if you wish, you can even see how the geese are force-fed. You find more information on their website.

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