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Sankt Hans Aften in Brussels – The Video

Short post for a short video. Since I handle the camera, Lars takes care of the GoPro. And… he still has to get used to it. I think he needs more practice, but luckily for us, we get to spend a week in Eupen from next Sunday on, so plenty of opportunities over there! I only see one disadvantage when…

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Sankt Hans Aften in Brussels: Hotdogs, Beer and Thunderstorms

Unfortunately, this year Lars and I could not celebrate Sankt Hans Aften – Denmark’s version of midsummer night – in Denmark. Lars still hasn’t got his driver’s license back, due to Belgium’s complex regulations and a huge portion of bad luck. Luckily, we still have a lot to blog about and there are lots of activities coming up. We certainly…

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What else did we do and see during Sankt Hans Aften?

You can hardly look for bonfires without having had a nice snack before. Around 8pm The Viking, his mother and I were at the dining table, making and eating shrimp sandwiches with mayonnaise and lemon. In a fancy restaurant you would pay at least 30 euros for such a meal. We saved a lot of money by preparing everything ourselves,…

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Midsummer Night At The Top Of Denmark

Yesterday evening, Lars and I celebrated Sankt Hans Aften in Skagen. If you want to know more about this event, have a look here. These posts explain everything and also show pictures of other midsummer night celebrations. It was our dream to go to the top of Denmark – the top of Jutland – to join the celebrations. The sunshine…

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After The Storm – Kerteminde Harbor

After Lundeborg, Lars and I went to the north of Funen, to Kerteminde. Kerteminde harbor is a place we have visited before. In different seasons and weather conditions. In winter, when the sea was frozen. At Sankt Hans Aften, when there were bonfires everywhere. In summer, when people were having a stroll and eating and drinking outside. This time, it…

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A Bay On Fire

Lars had promised me something amazing. Something magical. After the lighting of the bonfire at Faxe Ladeplats and the sunset at our favorite beach, I could not imagine that I would see anything more beautiful. Guess what? Lars was right, I was wrong. We drove to a small place called Strøby. On the beach of Strøby, you have a splendid view of…

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